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Anti Fraud Click System - Basic

Anti Fraud Click System - Basic

Product Information

Are you afraid of having fraud clicks on your websitesor having nightmare by paying unnecessarily for the fraud clicks?

Here you go! Our Anti Fraud Click System serves you in preventing fraud clicks on your advertisement. It helps the advertiser to reset the number of clicks a user can make on your ad at a particular point in time.

This mod is designed especially to prevent Fraud Clicks, and to help Advertising Industry in a better way.


Login as admin -> Go to My Account -> Global Settings -> Select Banner Delivery Settings -> Go to Anti Fraud System

Let's assume that you do not want any user to click on the same banner for more than 2 times within a span of 10 minutes, please key in 2 in the first text box and 600 (10 X 60) seconds as reset time in the second text box.

Here, if a user clicks more than two times within a span of 10 minutes then mod will not log all the other clicks (more than 2) in database and you can assure your advertiser that your statistical data picks only true clicks.

Price: €100.00

Our Clients:

  • M-STAR
  • INO

Product Options:

Product Code: ANTP3
Quantity: Add to Cart is third party Consulting Solution / Service provider for OpenX download version.

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