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Axonix Integration

Axonix Integration

Product Information

Using an integration service enabled with RTB or real time bidding will make the business easier for the advertising industry. Its top notch solution will progress the auction in a rapid manner which is nearly equivalent to the financial market. The best in class RTB solutions are provided by Axonix integration it is suitable for both revive ad server or openX ad server. Using this extraordinary tool you can increase the volume of the audience and can establish a branded advertisement exchange for mobile phones. No technical updates or special budget allocation is needed to use the integration service. The system takes care about technology and the user just need to provide data for the advertisements.

Features of Axonix integration

  1. With our DSP plug-in, you can access worldwide advertising networks and agencies with the help of Axonix integration.
  2. Once Revive Adserver integrated with Axonix, all the internal revive advertiser ads are delivered by worldwide Axonix publishers.
  3. There will be an ad request received from Axonix to Revive Adserver ping url, based on the bid request and other additional request parameters like category, ad type etc.., revive Adserver gave response to Axonix request.
  4. Whenever our bid response wins the auction, Axonix will send the win notification message to the revive ad server. Based on the notification, stats will be stored in Revive ad server database.
  5. Once the third party publishers delivered the ads, all the stats details and bid win details are stored in Revive Adserver database.
  6. Revive ad server will have a separate UI to display the statistics of the Axonix Win information.
  7. All the bid request and response has been processed in open RTB standard API.

Price: €1187.50

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Product Code: AXO93
Quantity: Add to Cart is third party Consulting Solution / Service provider for OpenX download version.

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