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Bidding System - Zone

Bidding System - Zone

Product Information
As you know, Adbrite Google will allow you to bid on zone but OpenX doesn’t have this functionality so we have introduced Bidding System module which will convert your OpenX to bidding system such that advertisers can bid on zone.

 In Advertiser Control panel, Mod will give you one more page where you can see/filter all available zones and Advertiser can bid on each and every zone and our system will set weight and priority of banners accordingly and deliver banners on zone which has highest bid for zone.

 Suppose, Advertiser A bids $2 for zone A and Advertiser B bids $1.2 for zone A then our system will display Advertiser A’s banner twice than Advertiser B’s Banner as A has bided twice than B.

 Also, there will one Control panel where admin can set % of revenue to be shared to publishers.

 Suppose, you want normal billing system then you can refer below products.

Price: €352.00

Our Clients:

  • ROGA

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Product Code: BIDM3
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