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IAB Mobile Adhesion Banner

IAB Mobile Adhesion Banner

Product Information

Adhesion Banner is positioned to the bottom of the device display and if user make interaction on webpage, base ad element should be disappear. Once user stops the interaction base ad element display in bottom of device display.

Adhesion is a persistent mobile ad placement, which delivers great visibility and its provide a responsive design reacts to portrait or landscape views. Adhesion banner remain fixed “above the fold” until when user content scrolls, zooming or orientation changing and once user stops interaction with mobile device adhesion banner will reappear.

If user click on the adhesion banner which appear in bottom of the device the adhesion banner will appear to full screen fits with mobile screen for a greater brand experience.If user click on the close button of full page ad adhesion banner will appear in bottom of the mobile device. The user must always be fully in control with an easy to understand an use interface from open to close

Adhesion Banner is an advertising format that maximizes content and device compatibility for all digital screens, starting with smartphones and this ad format compatible with landscape and Portrait of mobile device.

CPM,CPC and CPA pricing model supported for Adhesion. This adformat support for IAB guide lines of Adformat.

  • Mobile phone should be smart phones and HTML 5 Enabled.
  • Non compatible devices will be served an alt image of same banner dimension but there is no need of interactivity.It should look like static image.
  • Possibility to check if user click on the Full page ad,It should redirect to destination URL.
  • It should work with all mobile phone with no browser compatibility issue.
  • Adhesion keeps the same size and resolution no matter how publisher content is adjusted by zooming or scrolling.

Price: €350.00 €290.00

Product Options:

Product Code: IABMAB
Quantity: Add to Cart is third party Consulting Solution / Service provider for OpenX download version.

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