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IAB Rising Stars Ad formats

IAB Rising Stars Ad formats

Product Information

A new format which has been highly successful for many agencies in the recent times. It is one of the most important feature that any OpenX based adserver or an adnetwork would require and take a look at our IAB Rising stars package which comprises of 8 popular ad format units that suits your needs.

Slider Ads

  • The Slider Ad format "slides up" from the bottom right corner of the screen and fixed to the right corner with reference to the screen.

  • It moves along with the page as the user scrolls down and the Ad settles down bottom right corner when the scrolling stops.

  • On click close button is available to close the Ad.

  • As it appears as the layer over the page, it will not use any area of the Website and this provides the additional revenue to publishers.

Demo: Slider Ads

Slider Transition From Right Side To Left Side

  • Interested in delivering ads without occupying any space in your website? look no further than our slider transition ad format.

  • With Slider transition ad format,Ads slides in slowly from the bottom right side of the screen.

  • The beauty of this ad format is that the ads will get locked up to the bottom right side of the screen,making its position unchangeable while scrolling.

  • Slider transition ad format comes with user friendly click on close button,which slides out Ads slowly.

Demo for: Small Banner  Large Banner

Site-Skin Ads

  • Want to display a huge ad which gets locked up with the background of the website? Site skin Ads will make your job easy.

  • The Site Skin Ad format, which features a Web displaying in a window surrounded by a high look with rich media image format, has been steadily gaining in popularity. Viewers like them because they are less intrusive than other ad formats.

  • The Site Skin Ad provides premium placement on publisher websites and guarantees impression in a prominent location.

  • Premium and High-Impact site skin ad offer a very dynamic and visible rich media placement on publishers’ websites.

Demo for: Left & Right Banner  Background Banner   Skyscraper & Leaderboard

IAB Billboard

  • The IAB Billboard is a huge (970x250), high-visibility special ad banner unit with clear value for advertisers providing full rich media interactivity.

  • Initially when the page loads, billboard ad will slide down on the top right corner close button is available, when user's click on that billboard ad will slide up and “Show ad” text will appear.

  • The main IAB Billboard mod features are integrated of a Close Ad button. The Close Ad button will collapse 100% of the Billboard ad and leave a "Show Ad" button that will redisplay the ad on user click.

  • When a user clicks Close Ad button, the ad will disappear pushing page content up, and a "Show Ad" button will remain. Show Ad" button that will redisplay the ad upon user click.

  • When a user clicks Show Ad, the ad will reappear pushing page content back down and a Close Ad X button will appear on the Billboard. This registers an impression even if the ad is closed.

Demo: IAB Billboard

IAB Slider Bar

  • Have you been thinking of delivering your ads in a page slider format? you're in the right place.

  • Trigger for activating page slider will be at the bottom-end of the page,which occupies fixed position.

  • Clicking on trigger will make page content to slide towards left-side to reveal your ads.

  • Another click on trigger will slide your ads towards right-side and brings back page-content.

Demo: IAB Slider Bar

IAB Portrait for Single Banner

  • IAB Portrait for single Banner mods will help to display the multiple modules of ads (logo, banner, Text) within the same zone.

  • By installing this mod, Publisher can display different types of ad modules in the given ad space.

  • The PORTRAIT unit is a 300x1050 ad space; it’s consisting of multiple modules.

  • The Module size cannot be rearranged because each module type is explicitly defined by the IAB, as are the unit's style rules.

  • In this mods the two extra features can be implemented , that is Follow and Follow us on buttons. If you press any one of this, it will be moved to the initial module of the ad.

  • In this mods each module having a specific size, that size can’t be redefined and also it’s in following order, starting at the logo, Banner and two Text format ads. If you want to add more than one banner ad, you are using the text module space for adding that., but the dimensions of the banner ad are <=300x250.

  • Each and every module has a redirecting link, so it will be redirected into designation page. It helps to increase the clicks and conversion ratio.

Demo: IAB Portrait for Single Banner

IAB sidekick

  • Do you want to show your Ads with a click on expand horizontally option? IABSidekick might just be what you are looking for.

  • Clicking on expand button will move your page content horizontally to reveal your ads.

  • User can interact with both page content as well as ads,by scrolling horizontally.

  • Click on close button is provided in IABSidekick,which resets page content to original position.

Demo: IAB sidekick

IAB pushdown

  • Thinking of maximum utilization of ad-space to deliver ads?

  • IAB pushdown ad unit helps to deliver ad in a descriptive manner which inlcudes text box for advertiser slogan,text-area for product description,logo image,product image and teaser image.

  • IAB pushdown displays a teaser view of image initially,with a click on expand vertically option.

  • Clicking on trigger button will make IAB pushdown unit to slide-down vertically,which will make website content to move downwards.

  • Expanded area will show advertiser content.

  • Clicking close-trigger button will resets IAB pushdown unit back to original position.

Demo: IAB Pushdown

Price: €380.00

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Product Code: IABRS3
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