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Keyword Targeting with Content Optimization

Keyword Targeting with Content Optimization

Product Information

  • Looking to place your Ad,where the site's content matches with your ads? this mod makes your job easy.
  • This mod provides an option to set keyword and content,for placing ads in relevant sites.
  • It works by comparing site's keyword and content with ad's keyword and content.
  • Ads will get displayed only if relevancy occurs between site and ads.


  • This mod will make sure that your ads are placed in relevant site to target intended audience.
  • keywords of the page content in page title,Meta Keywords tag,Meta Description tag,anchor text, all header tags.
  • Avoids unwanted impressions caused by displaying in the irrelevant site.
  • Helps in increasing the clicks and conversion ratio.


  • Openx Administrator can add the keywords or content to the list of targeting keywords or content.
  • The advertiser can select the keyword or content for their banners.
  • Multiple keywords or content can be assigned for a banner to target.
  • Banner Keyword set is compared with the title or meta keyword or description or all header tags or bold and italic or anchor tag content of the web page to display banners.

Price: €263.12

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Product Code: KETWCO
Quantity: Add to Cart is third party Consulting Solution / Service provider for OpenX download version.

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