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Keyword Targeting

Keyword Targeting

Product Information

Do you want to display your banners only to your target customer? Then here is a mod to help you out.

  • Here the advertiser can choose the delivery limitation where they want to display their banners.

  • This mod will also provide you a drop down list, from which the advertiser can choose a specific category.

  • The idea behind keyword targeting is that you have a list of keywords (food, shoes, sports goods, etc.) appropriate to your site/sites.

  • You then assign one or more keywords to ads, and, instead of using a normal zone tag (which selects an ad from those linked to the zone), you use a direct selection tag with the appropriate keyword to select an ad from those with that keyword.


  • Helps to display the ads to specific key words.
  • Will provide instant results.
  • Very useful for the advertiser to cover his target group alone.
  • Very simple to install and user friendly.

Price: €135.00 €105.00

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Product Code: KEY13
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