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Publishers UI Status

Publishers UI Status

Product Information

By this mod you can deactivate an Publishers UI easily.

Admin can able to activate the deactivated publishers.

Admin can able to deactivate or activate all publishers or particularly selected publisher.

When activate or deactivate the publishers alert mail was send to publishers from admin, with reason why they are activated or deactivated.

If login as a Manager or Publisher you can able to view and interact with Publishers Statistics UI only.

In Inventory tab , you able to view the all publishers in the Website-index page . But unable to edit the publisher details.

You able to view the zones under the selected publisher. But unable to edit or create new zones.

Linked Banners option also deactivated.

Targeting Channels option for website also deactivated.

Price: €130.00 €90.00

Product Options:

Product Code: DAPUI
Quantity: Add to Cart is third party Consulting Solution / Service provider for OpenX download version.

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