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Product Information

Re-Marketing is one of the efficient way to bring back online visitors to make purchase,signup etc which allows advertisers to increase their revenue in short period of time.

Normally a visitor visits advertiser site and for some reason the visitor leaves the site without making any purchases,Re-marketing allows advertisers to track down these potential visitors.

By closely examining these visitors activity,Re-marketing will bring back the visitor to advertiser site.

Re-Marketing uses pixel code to track down the visitors.Advertisers will paste the pixel code into their web-pages according to their wish,For example it could be in specific product page,subscription page etc.

If a visitor visits to advertiser site and browses the page where the pixel code have been pasted,Re-marketing will drop a cookie in user's browser.

Based on this particular user's online activity,Re-marketing will brings the user back to the advertiser site.

For Example :

A user visits looking for sunGlass,For some reason he just leaves without making any purchase. After some time the same user comes online searching content in other website,there he views jabong's sunGlass advertisement he just clicks the advertisement and comes back to jabong's sunGlass page.

Price: €285.00 €228.00

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Product Code: RMT013
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