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  1. Header bidding plugin for Revive Adserver
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  2. mJAX mobile Ads SDK for iPhone/Android Apps
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  3. mJAX Mobile Ads plugin for OpenX
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  4. Online Training Advanced Package
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  5. Re-marketing
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  6. Interstitial Mobile Web Ad Tag
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  7. Intromercial overlay
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  8. Online Training Pro Package
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  9. IAB Floor Ads
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  10. Campaign Monitoring System
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OpenX & Revive Adserver

Image Description Price  
IAB Mobile Pull IAB Mobile Pull
Mobile Pull Full Page Ad Component will expand vertically from the Base Ad Component. Base ad element fit in top or bottom of…
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Ip Location targeting Ip Location targeting
Product Information One might have heard of city,country& state targeting to reach the intended audience.Wel…
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LayerAd LayerAd
Are you interested in displaying your ads in a slide-show manner which helps to garner more attention ? Well you migh…
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Floor Scroll Reveal Floor Scroll Reveal
Do you Want to display your brand message in a video format ? Well here is our new type of ad format which helps you to…
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Layer Image Layer Image
Looking for displaying banner in a pop-up window in an unobtrusive manner?Here is our new ad format which helps adverti…
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Super Pre Roll CPE-Video Adformat Super Pre Roll CPE-Video Adformat
It is a pre-roll video ad format in which an interactive overlay trigger is placed on a brand’s existing video spot and…
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Pre-Roll Plus-Video Adformat Pre-Roll Plus-Video Adformat
A super effective pre-roll that incorporates a highly engaging call to action (CTA). The dynamic CTA is great for driving inc…
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XML Feed Network - Integration XML Feed Network - Integration
XML Feed Network connects various xml feed network into our ad server which are all have unique parameters for xml feeds r…
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dJAX Native Ads dJAX Native Ads
Native advertising is a form of online advertising that matches the feed ads with site content. For example, an advertiser…
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Mobile Interstitial Video Addon - SDK Mobile Interstitial Video Addon - SDK
Mobile interstitial video for Mobile apps module is used for delivering image ads, interstitial ad and video ads(swf, flv) o…
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Third Party Video Ads Third Party Video Ads
The real power of video ads comes in the format of pre roll, mid roll and post roll video ads,which has the greater de…
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Revive Adserver XMLRPCV2 API Revive Adserver XMLRPCV2 API
Revive Adserver XMLRPCV2 API is a plugin that lets you access large data from one network to another. The plugin has the abil…
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Mobile Carrier Limitation Mobile Carrier Limitation
Mobile Carrier Limitation is a plugin that lets advertiser /administrator to target mobile audience by their mobile carrier. …
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Website Retargeting Website Retargeting
Website Retargeting is a cookie based plugin for your Revive Adserver that helps advertiser to target the audience who shows…
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Universal Retargeting Universal Retargeting
Universal Targeting is a Revive Adserver plugin that lets you to generate valid ad traffic to your online advertising campai…
Buy More is third party Consulting Solution / Service provider for OpenX download version.

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